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The $500M Market for Cybersecurity Solutions in the US Nonprofit Sector

The Cybersecurity Solutions - 2022 Nonprofit Opportunity Landscape Report focuses on 22,000 charitable organizations that report over $2.5M in Net Assets and more than ten employees.

Use the powerful insights from X4Impact to target the $500M market for cybersecurity solutions among US nonprofits.

The landscape report excludes Healthcare, Religious Organizations, and Educational Institutions.

Use this report to:

  1. Identify opportunities for Cybersecurity Solutions and define geographic or vertical target markets for your sales outreach.
  2. Refine your marketing value proposition and pricing strategy to match selected verticals and geographies
  3. Get economic facts to inform market sizing for your sales outreach, capital raise deck, or application for grants and awards.

The report includes:

  1. The Landscape at a glance (11 pages)

    1. Segmentation based on annual income (Small, Mid Market, Upper Mid Market, and Enterprise). Details on Income sources, IT Spending, Professional Services, Travel, and other expenses.
    2. 2x2 Chart showcasing actual and potential IT budget by vertical market and Geographic distribution highlights.
    3. An overview of the top 10 verticals to further help with marketing strategies, value proposition refinements, product offers, and go-to-market approaches.
    4. Additional segmentation based on the number of employees and volunteers to further inform per-seat pricing strategies.
  2. Addressable Market at a glance infographic for your executive decks, pitch deck, go-to-market plans, channel marketing material, and more.
  3. Selected target nonprofits to engage (up to 1,000 organizations)

    1. An excel file with 1,000 organizations with annual IT budgets larger than $50,000 in the key verticals to target.
    2. We provide Name, Address, NTEE, focus area, UN SDG, website address, revenues, expenses, income sources, focus area, UN SDG classification, and other dimensions for each organization. See Data Dictionary: Expanded Dataset Tab.

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  • This package, valued at $4,500, is available for $2,500 until February 28, 2023.
  • It includes a 30 minutes Executive Advisory Session with X4Impact to discuss insights and potential actions.

"Cyberattacks continue unabated, no organization regardless of size or industry is safe. Many attacks are automated and conducted at scale, scouring the Internet and looking for weakly protected systems to compromise. There are opportunities for the cybersecurity industry to provide solutions to the nonprofit sector."

Alex Gounares
CEO, Polyverse

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