Connected Communities

By Golden Field Office
Government Grant





Amendment 000002: The purposes of this modification were to: Remove the down select language under section II.A.i. Award Information, Estimated Funding on page 20; Clarify language around the Open Source Software Distribution Plan on page 46 to make it encouraged but not required; Replace Appendix H - Project Evaluation. ?Amendment 000001: The purpose of this modification was to add Section I.C.: Teaming List, to page 18 of the FOA. Initial Posting: A Connected Community (CC) is a group of grid-interactive efficient buildings GEB with diverse, flexible end use equipment and other distributed energy resources (DERs) that collectively work to maximize building, community, and grid efficiency. Under this FOA, DOE will select a portfolio of “Connected Community” projects totaling up to $65 million in varying climates, geographies, building types, building vintages, DERs utility/grid/regulatory structures and resource bases. Through funding these projects, DOE hopes to find and sha...

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