Training Alliance to Enhance Produce Safety and FDA Food Safety Mod...

By Food and Drug Administration
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The purpose of the opportunity is to provide state and local regulators, the produce industry, and extension educators with training and educational and outreach opportunities related to current produce safety best practices, guidance, and regulatory requirements by maintaining the “Produce Safety Alliance” (PSA).Objective 1: Maintain a standardized, multi-format, multi-lingual training and education program to assist regulatory agencies and the produce industry (including growers and packers) with the implementation of FDA’s FSMA Produce Safety Rule and in understanding the public health and environmental benefits of co-management and to integrate food safety and environment co-management principles in implementing FDA’s Produce Safety Rule. Update the standardized curriculum to incorporate other FSMA rules and guidances that impact the fresh produce industry.Objective 2: Maintain a Train-the-Trainer curriculum to ensure that a national and international group of qualified instruct...


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