Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation

For over 70 years, the Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc. has supported efforts to raise the nation’s level of economic literacy. Working with and funding a variety of institutions the Foundation has projects ranging from the development of National curriculum guides and standards for the schools in economics to more focused materials for teaching economics and personal finance.





The Kazanjian Foundation has not limited its support to only traditional K-12 classrooms. Working with the American Economic Association and other professional organizations the Foundation has helped improve economics instruction in the college classroom. The Foundation has also underwritten the development of various instruments to measure economic and personal finance knowledge and supported research to determine the most effective way to teach economics. Understanding that schools and colleges are not the only conveyance for increasing economic literacy, the Kazanjian Foundation has invested in programs to help clergy of all denominations convey basic economic concepts to their congregations. The Foundation has also supported efforts to increase economic knowledge among social workers and their colleagues in the hopes that they in turn can improve the basic personal finance skills of those they serve.

Social Impact Focus

  • The Foundation has an abiding interest in elevating the nation’s understanding of the need for economic education.
  • Produce materials, conduct seminars and workshops that promote discussions and assist in the development of greater economic literacy.
  • The large number of students at risk of leaving school, and hence never effectively participating in the nation’s economic system are of concern to the Foundation.
  • Programs that help otherwise disenfranchised youth and/or young adults with children learn to participate in the economic system are very important to the Foundation.
  • Projects, policy studies, or programs that encourage measurement of economic understanding more often and/or more effectively are of specific interest.


  • Educational Institution
  • Government Agency
  • Nonprofit Organization

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.