Immersive Sciences for Training, Education, Mission Rehearsal, and...

By Office of Naval Research
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The Office of Naval Research is soliciting white papers and proposals for basic research in immersive sciences. The Navy and Marine Corps seeks to use mixed reality technologies to improve training and operations for infantry combat personnel, with a specific focus on small unit leaders (e.g., Squad Leader). This includes a range of applications, including: augmented training environments that can simulate environments and assets, and heads-up displays that overlay useful virtual information onto the real-world environment. While the Navy and Marine Corps have envisioned these applications, this research opportunity is focused on the development of the underlying scientific disciplines.In support of this goal, the Immersive Sciences research program seeks to address basic research challenges in automated methods for generating content for use in mixed reality technologies, and novel methods for visualization and interaction in Augmented Reality that are connected to underlying human...


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