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In partnership with The Ford Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and Microsoft, X4Impact provides leaders with the insights, advice, and tools needed to deliver on their mission.

As part of our services, we keep a high-quality Directory of products and services offered by Technology Consulting Firms, Nonprofits, Social Enterprises, and Tech for Good Companies.

Create and manage a listing in X4Impact for discovery by potential clients, partners, or sources of capital.

X4Impact Basic Listing

  • Commission-free lead generation, keep 100% of the sales generated.
  • Highlight the unique qualities of your organization with X4Impact Badges showcasing diversity in leadership or nonprofit status.
  • Prominent icons for related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals your solution addresses.
  • Rights to use the X4Impact brand for PR and marketing as a Featured Solution.
  • $299 per year.

X4Impact Premium Listing

All of the benefits of a Basic Listing with the addition of interactive tags that you can update as frequently as needed:

  • We’re Hiring!: Attract mission-driven talent with a highly visible link, to complement your job posting advertising mechanisms.
  • Special Offer: Promote a discount, event, or other promotion to drive leads.
  • Our Impact: Share your impact and inspire others by linking your online impact page.
  • Receive top placement for increased discoverability and 10% off all X4Impact products including Custom Landscape Analysis, Premium Reports such as Nonprofit and Tech for Good Compensation in the US.
  • Free Landscape Snapshot based on your chosen criteria. See an example Snapshot: Giving Compass Social Justice Nonprofits – Landscape at a Glance.
  • $499 per year.

Check out Ability Central as an example of a Premium Listing.

* Listings must be approved by X4Impact based on standards of quality and appropriateness. Solutions can earn the Tech4PI certification, developed by a multidisciplinary team from academia, nonprofits, government, and private sector.

Grow your Business with our Data Services

Whether you are exploring the nonprofit sector as a new market opportunity, refining a social innovation program, or seeking to understand a particular area of impact, we can help with our data products and services.

We help you navigate the emerging movement related to Technology for the Public Interest, also known as Tech for Good to help you optimize your fundraising strategy, go-to-market plans, innovation strategies, and operational excellence.

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