Revolutionizing car hybrids

Making hybrid cars more adaptable with a hybrid plug in could make green cars more accessible, even on the lower end of the financial scale.
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Nature and Context

Over 220 million Americans drive, but as of 2018 only 1 million of those drivers use electric cars. Making electric and hybrid cars more accessible could help society make this number grow to 18 million by 2030. This massive increase in electric and hybrid driving could help America reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable driving in communities.

Ideas Description

Exponential Motors Company (EMC) solutions bring affordable, easy retrofit kits that hybridize vehicles (no matter how low-end) to make the most of the green car revolution. Currently focusing on hybrids in Latin America, the company combines two elements: Hardware  – retrofit kits that can be easily added to any front-wheel drive vehicle and Software – intelligence that decides when to switch to electric motor or petrol combustion engine The technology opens the way for massive adoption of new hybrid, hybrid plug-in and electric vehicles.

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