Keeping An eye on habitat change

Humans are making impacts on their environments whether we mean to or not. Tracking that influence is important for telling us how we are changing it and what we can do to reduce our impact on these precious habitats.
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Nature and Context

Climate change is already affecting every aspect of our lives from the food we eat to the water we drink. It's eroding our heritage, destroying the beauty of the natural world and threatening plants and animals. Unpredictable temperatures and volatile weather conditions are blistering some of the finest paintings in National Trust collections, bursting the banks of our rivers, increasing pests and diseases and eroding the coastline. Each unique habitat is threatened by the carelessness of humanity. Tracking how our behavior is changing these habitats helps us redirect and tackle climate change.

Ideas Description

Terra-i is an artificial intelligence program that uses real-time rainfall data to predict how green a given habitat should be. It then matches that prediction against images of the habitat from an Earth-monitoring satellite. Differences in greenness between what is predicted and what is observed right down to the pixel suggest habitat conversion by human activity. The result allows conservationists a view of forests and other habitats across an entire continent.

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