Turning large computing jobs into home PC tasks for charity funding

Some computing jobs are so large and costly that businesses can't afford to process them themselves. They need outside assistance, or use the idea of breaking the project into smaller, easier to process pieces, that can be done from less intricate networks, like by people working from home.
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Nature and Context

Now imagine the big computing jobs are split up for smaller groups to process with the goal of engaging home participants into computing quickly to earn money for a charity. Prizes and awards could be given to charities based off of fast contribution and analysis from home.

Ideas Description

Charity Engine chops large and costly computing jobs into small pieces, simple enough for networks of home PCs to work on as a background task. Universities and corporates buy the service, and participating home PCs earn money for nine partner charities, with a slice going to a prize fund for those involved. When not being used by corporate clients, the computers' surplus processing power is donated to charity computing projects such as Malaria Control.

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