Pioneering advice for young adults with cancer

Having cancer at any age can be isolating, but there is a specific loneliness that comes with cancer as a youth. There are not many resources for people between the ages 15 and 40 with cancer that focus on the unique troubles of living with and fighting cancer.
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People who get cancer as a young adult face a unique set of challenges as compared to those who get as children or adults. There is a sense of isolation, financial insecurity, loss of hope for normalcy, and more that makes fighting cancer even more challenging. Despite the fact that millions of people are diagnosed with cancer annually, getting the diagnosis can feel lonely. Creating a network of support catered to each unique diagnosis can help give fighters and survivors an extra layer of support.

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Stupid Cancer, which is today the world s leading youth cancer lifestyle brand, to harness the internet to make sure nobody else would have to suffer the social isolation he did. Together they champion change for 15-39 year olds for whom cancer has become the number one killer, yet lack age-appropriate support to help them deal with the impact on fertility, relationships, career, insurance the works.

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