Fighting hunger, reducing food waste

Food loss occurs for many reasons, with some types of loss—such as spoilage—occurring at every stage of the production and supply chain. Additionally, excess food in restaurants and catering businesses contribute a significant amount of waste to the billions of pound of food Americans throw away that could go towards feeding hungry mouths.
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While the best way to reduce food waste is not to create an excess, it is oftentimes unavoidable. At this point, there needs to be solutions for how to get the perfectly edible food to the mouths of the millions of Americans that go hungry every day. Connecting restaurants and caterers with non profits that serve the hungry and homeless could mean reducing how much food is wasted in a landfill and help hungry people in the process.

Ideas Description

Flashfood is a mobile application to help food service businesses, food recovery organizations, local community centers and volunteers to work together to recover perishable food and connect it with those in need. Businesses (such as catering companies) which have surplus food can enter information on the app, which alerts nearby charities to the availability. Food can then be donated to families and individuals who might need it; they are alerted through a text message.

Banana App, part of the Be Good Project Foundation, aims to connect grocers and restaurants with low and no-income populations. Participants would be verified and then able to pick up unsellable but still perfectly good food directly from participating locations. Banana App provides an alternative to food banks with their location-based mobile app.

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