Central California Coast CohoPopulation Decline

While there is no single factor responsible for the decline of Central California Coast coho salmon, both human activities and natural events have degraded their habitats, and it is necessary to address these habitat problems.
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Nature and Context

The impacts of clear freshwater and estuarine habitats reduced instream flow, and increases in stream temperatures are more or less visible - less noticeable change in species productivity and diversity. Habitat restoration is helping; however, it may not have the expected immediate effects on central coast coho populations, which may suffer from this lost genetic diversity and possible adaptations to degraded conditions.

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Negative Effects
  • Central California Coast coho were first listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 1996, and then reclassified as endangered in 2005.

  • Data showed the species declining throughout its range, except in two places: the Russian River and Scott Creek. 

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