Ampion - Renewable Energy Everywhere, for Everyone

Ampion empowers the clean energy revolution by bringing community energy programs to local communities. Through its software platform, Ampion connects residents, businesses, and other consumers with clean energy facilities that lower their electric costs without the need for installations or upfront costs.


  • Don’t own your property? No problem. Homeowners, renters, places of worship, and small businesses can all support clean energy and benefit!
  • A solar farm provides people with an easy way to benefit from solar energy without putting panels on their roofs.

Main Features

  • We connect people and solar energy companies, lowering electricity costs and protecting the environment.
  • What Is Community Shared Solar? With no upfront costs and nothing to install, it’s the easiest way to benefit from solar energy.

Primary Audience

  • Solar Power Industry
  • Utilities Industry
  • Anyone without access to solar grids