Ennuity Holdings - Empowering People to Transform their Energy Use

Ennuity Holdings is creating a brand new asset class that allows individuals to buy out their electric utility bill. Inspired by the guaranteed income profile of annuities and the recurring energy production provided by renewable power sources, we call these products ennuities.


  • Similar to a traditional annuity, an ennuity provides a consumer with a guaranteed stream of benefits in return for an upfront payment.
  • With Ennuity Holdings the benefits come in the form of electricity deliveries rather than as income.
  • The ennuity payment is used to build the clean energy infrastructure that will generate and deliver electricity to consumers year-after-year

Main Features

  • We know that the transition to clean energy is here, now. That's why we set out to help households own their transition to clean energy.
  • We can empower Americans to put some of their hard-earned savings into clean energy through an ennuity product.

Primary Audience

  • Utility and Electricity Providers
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Individuals looking to manage their electircity