MaiVERIC - Responsible, unbiased, & Uncompromised AI Safety Solutions

At MaiVERIC, we enhance the capabilities of public safety agencies to further protect the communities they serve. We do so responsibly, under the law, respecting people’s privacy rights.


  • Prioritizing long-standing police workflows and procedures throughout the design and development stages of applications.
  • Complying with applicable legal frameworks, including citizen privacy rights across countries and jurisdictions.
  • Meeting data security requirements (CJIS) under cloud & local deployments according to agency needs.
  • Offering pricing plans that fit within the typical budget constrains of mid-size public safety agencies.

Main Features

  • Our solutions have virtually boundless memory & compute capabilities, are unbiased, uncompromised, & operate uninterrupted around the clock.
  • Compare crime scene evidence to millions of booking records, objectively and under the law.

Primary Audience

  • Law Enforcement
  • Government Agencies