Suvotek Sound and Voice Technologies for Better Human Connections

Suvotek is available as a Software Development Kit – SDK. It allows you to implement a personal speech coach to serve the specific needs of your audience: Are they speaking too fast? Do they sound engaging? Is their voice calming? Our patent-pending tech doesn't use speech to text, making it completely private and safe to use for early childhood education, distance learning, teleheath, and more.


  • users get real time feedback with visualization of fluctuations in voice speed and energy level
  • access historical metrics of sessions for review or analysis
  • customize settings from audience type to intended outcomes
  • applications in workforce development, education, case management, interactions with individuals with intellectual disabilities and more

Main Features

  • complete privacy without speech to text transcription or voice recording - HIPAA compliant
  • it can be implemented as part of your software or mobile app thanks to our SDK
  • speed and energy modules available along with custom domain-specific modules based on use case
  • language agnostic to support use by speakers in any language
  • complete privacy makes it safe for critical applications such as early childhood education, distance learning, support lines and more

Primary Audience

  • Educational institutions (preschools, K-12, colleges and universities)
  • Workforce development organizations
  • Government agencies and nonprofit organizations with call centers
  • Crisis hotlines, emergency services agencies and telehealth solutions
  • Distance Learning Software Solutions