IndigoMarketplace - A More Efficient Way of Selling Grain

Join a technology platform that directly connects buyers and farmers, designed to make every step of your journey more efficient and therefore more profitable.


  • Streamline the work you are already doing.
  • Mitigate Risk.
  • Find the right buyer or farmer in minutes.
  • Use your saved time to diversify.
  • Free to browse with no obligations.

Main Features

  • A technology platform that brings farmers and buyers together for a more efficient way of selling grain.
  • Buyers are addressing their business challenges through Marketplace technology More than half of US grain buyers are accessible with Indigo.
  • Farmers are finding a simple, more profitable way to sell grain. Thousands of farmers have signed up and transacted in Marketplace.

Primary Audience

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Grain Market
  • Farmers and Buyers