FamGenix - Assisting Providers in Assessing Hereditary Disease Risk

We believe family health history belongs in the hands of the patient – an ever-evolving record that can be updated when needed. By helping families raise awareness of their risk for hereditary disease, they can take better control of their health and take the necessary steps to minimize future health issues for their family.


  • Our platform saves you tons of time gathering more accurate family health histories from patients and performing further risk assessment.
  • Custom Surveys: Gather specific patient, family, lifestyle or health data on any disease to satisfy your intake requirements.
  • Identify High-Risk Patients: Built-in guidelines determine if a patient meets criteria for genetic testing or further risk assessment.
  • Already have a system to manage patient data, pedigrees or family history? Any data entered by the patient can be pushed into your system.

Main Features

  • We empower families to easily maintain and share their family health history, and to know and help reduce their risk for inherited diseases.
  • Providing quality applications to assist families and the medical community in accurately gathering/maintaining family health history data.
  • By helping clinicians gather this data efficiently and accurately, they can serve more patients and provide better healthcare.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Patients with family history of hereditary disease