CityGrows -Affordable Workflow Automation for Local Government

CityGrows is workflow automation software for local governments. Governments digitize and automate their workflows from start to finish, and improve operational efficiency, transparency, and compliance. The CityGrows platform allows any government employee – regardless of technical skill – to structure and improve their workflows.


  • CityGrows is low-cost and easy to set up so governments that have never been able to offer online permits before can bring workflows online.
  • CityGrows is priced to be fast and easy to buy. If our pricing exceeds your discretionary spending allowance, we'll lower it.
  • Non-technical no-code setup management means any team or department can set up their own digital, automated workflows.

Main Features

  • Bring new and existing permitting, licensing, and internal workflows online, quickly and affordably.
  • Fast, affordable, online permitting for local governments.

Primary Audience

  • City Governments
  • Zoning and Construction Industry