Solution Provider


To Gather as One - Legal Empowerment in Action empowers individuals and organizations to learn, use, and shape the law. Unlike other advocacy platforms, we give users access to legal resources and experts to transform petitions into campaigns or legal actions that produce real change. We also offer a community forum where users can collaborate and share ideas on creating social impact.


  • Expand and organize supporters via social media.
  • Identify causes to support.
  • Learn about local policies to understand legal protections and opportunities.
  • Contact experts to grow campaigns and influence decision-makers.

Main Features

  • Start petitions to articulate the call-to-action.
  • Share causes to increase organizational and financial support.
  • Access legal resources to identify rights.
  • Engage experts to build capacity or take legal action.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits working to increase capacity to effect change.
  • Donors exploring projects to support.
  • Workers organizing to ensure a safe working environment.
  • Parents active in their communities.