Jupiter Intelligence

Jupiter Intelligence, Inc. provides software solutions. The Company designs and develops tools and platform which offer weather and climate data, trend visualizations, forecasts, weather models, climate models, analytics, and risk assessments of weather and climate conditions. Jupiter Intelligence serves customers in the United States.


  • Scientifically Rigorous: In-house scientific simulations with peer-reviewed dynamical and data-driven models
  • Data Transparency: Transparency in all modeling components, from metrics to scoring to loss. No black boxes.
  • Scenario-based: Ability to traverse a range of emissions and response scenarios
  • Forward Looking: Latest predictive climate models; not a backward looking catastrophic risk model approach
  • Spanning All Scales: Downscaling methods optimized for portfolio & facility analyses

Main Features

  • Jupiter’s solutions detail the impact of flooding, wildfires, extreme heat, drought, wind, and precipitation.
  • Jupiter solutions offer spatial resolutions from the portfolio level down to the street.
  • Our solutions address enterprise risk management and portfolio planning to longterm resilience engineering and immediate emergency response

Primary Audience

  • Government Agencies
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Utility and Power Providers
  • Asset Management