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Understanding Economic and Strategic Opportunities in $24B Annual Funding Devoted to the Workforce Development Sector in the US

Understand $24B per year flowing to nonprofits that address the increasing skills gaps, job displacement, and economic mobility in the US.

Use the powerful insights created by X4Impact to understand the $24B in Social and Government Funding flowing to 34,000 nonprofits that address the increasing skills gaps, job displacement, and economic mobility in the US.

Use this report to:

  1. Identify opportunities for Technology for Education, Learning Management Systems, Workforce Training and Upskilling Solutions, and related technologies or programs.
  2. Inform cross-sector initiatives to optimize the deployment of funds leveraging existing channels to train the maximum number of individuals.
  3. Get economic facts to inform market sizing for Investors, Foundations, and Entrepreneurs.

This report includes:

  1. Executive Summary (1 page)
  2. The Landscape at a glance (18 pages)

    1. Analysis of 11,000 organizations that work on upskilling individuals and 22,500 organizations that offer job training and skill development as one of many services.
    2. Segmentation based on annual income (Small, Mid Market, Upper Mid Market, and Enterprise). Details on Income sources, IT Spending, Professional Services, Travel, and other expenses.
    3. 2x2 Chart showcasing actual and potential IT budget by vertical market.
    4. Service Desert Map™ to understand areas with a high concentration of low-income workers and a scarcity of organizations offering Workforce Development services
    5. Visualization of the money flow for Workforce Development programs and market sizing related to nonprofits in this sector. Analysis of over $10B in government incentives flows to different organizations with and without direct impact on outcomes.
  3. Actionable Insights (2 pages): A summary of actionable recommendations to help with funding strategies, refinement of the value proposition for technology solutions related to workforce development, upskilling or training, pricing models, outreach, partnerships, and go-to-market approaches.
  4. The Landscape at a glance infographic for executive decks, donor/investor relations, go-to-market plans, channel marketing material, and more.
  5. Selected target organizations (up to 2,500 organizations)

    1. An excel file with up to 2,500 organizations in the desired target (by income, geography, or vertical).
    2. We provide Name, Address, NTEE, focus area, UN SDG, website address, revenues, expenses, income sources, focus area, UN SDG classification, and other dimensions for each organization. See Data Dictionary: Expanded Dataset Tab.

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"We cannot afford to lose 6 million jobs to automation and do nothing about it; beyond the positive social impact, the US' potential absolute GDP gain is $900 billion by 2030 if we address the existing skills gaps."

Luis Salazar
Co-Founder, X4Impact

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