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Market Landscape: PreK-12 Educational Sector in the US

Explore insights behind $850 Billion per year flowing to over 160,000 PreK-12 schools and supporting nonprofit organizations and the 53 Million students they serve in the US.

This PreK-12 Education Sector in the US Market Landscape aims to inform funding, partnerships, go-to-market, and engagement strategies for community organizations, funders, and tech solution providers addressing the needs of schools and students.

Use this report to understand:

  1. How can your outreach strategy use data to understand 99,600 PreK-12 public, 22,400 private schools, and 41,300 related nonprofit organizations focusing on fundraising, special education, student life, and related areas?
  2. 53% of the PreK-12 students are Black, Hispanic, Asian/Asian Pacific, or mixed races. What is the distribution by region and type of school, and where are the opportunity zones when defining an impact plan?
  3. The GC Insights Tech Directory has over 340 tech solutions focused on PreK-12 Education. What is the state of technology solutions addressing the needs of schools and students?

The report includes:

  1. Executive Summary

  2. National and State Level School Data

    1. An overview of the US PreK-12 Education sector, in context of the US nonprofit sector with $3.2 trillion in annual income.
    2. An examination of the state of PreK-12 schools (private and public) including the quantity and distribution of schools, their reported annual income, expenses in selected categories, and reported number of employees. We also examine their student population demographics, which vary widely by school type and geography.
  3. The Wider Nonprofit PreK-12 Sector

    1. Focused on PreK-12 nonprofit organizations that are not schools, analyzing their reported annual income, number of employees, number of engaged volunteers, and expenses in selected categories, including IT spending.
    2. An analysis of revenue growth by organizational size from 2018 to 2020.
    3. Breakdown of the key sub sectors including parent-teacher associations - which account for two-thirds of these organizations.
  4. PreK-12 Education Technology Solutions

    1. An overview of funding trends and current technology solutions in the EdTech space, which has gained significant traction in recent years - raising $20B from VCs in 2021.

Optional add-on:

Selected Target Nonprofits to Engage (up to 1,800 organizations)

Receive an excel file with up to 1,800 organizations ranked by employees, income, assets, IT budget or your chosen criteria. We provide name, address, NTEE code, website, revenues, expenses, income sources, focus area, UN SDG classification, and other dimensions for each organization.

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"With hundreds of thousands of organizations reporting an annual income close to $1 Trillion, finding essential information related to the US PreK-12 Education sector can be daunting. We are proud to provide data-driven insights to support knowledge-sharing and solution-building to maximize impact for 53 million PreK-12 students in the US."

Taylor Frerichs
Program Manager, X4Impact

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