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Whether you are exploring the nonprofit sector as a new market opportunity, refining a social innovation program, or seeking to understand a particular area of impact, we can help with our data services. We help you navigate the emerging movement related to Technology for the Public Interest, also known as Tech for Good by leveraging our research technology to help you optimize your fundraising strategy, go-to-market plans, innovation strategies, and operational excellence. Over one million nonprofits in the U.S. are addressing our social challenges. They report an annual income of $2.9 trillion. You can explore details with our Interactive Tool to visualize the flow of social funding. These nonprofits invest over $35 billion per year in software, Yet, less than 20% of them fully leverage AI, cloud, and mobile technologies to deliver on their mission. Let’s work together in social innovation. 100% of the proceeds from our data and consulting services help to make X4Impact a free market intelligence platform. We offer services tailored to the urgent needs highlighted by social entrepreneurs in our quarterly research on the State of the Market on Social Innovation.66% of these entrepreneurs use a Business to Business –B2B business model, and our custom data reports help them create subsegments for better targeting. Our services also help the Foundations seeking to give with better impact. Every month we extract, clean, and classify over 500 million data points from the IRS, the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Government Grants, and 300 trusted sources of information. These insights power our free interactive tools and reports, and our custom landscape analysis to inform your: * Addressable market size for Go-to-Market execution. * Impact investing or catalytic grants. * Understanding potential partnerships and alliances. Whether you are exploring the nonprofit sector as a new market opportunity, refining a social innovation program, or seeking to understand a particular subsegment, we can help you. Create custom reports to inform your next board meeting, budget, or talent recruitment strategy. For only $299/yr for unlimited users. * 500,000+ salaries. * 150,000+ reporting orgs. * 140+ roles. and 48 categories or impact areas. * By state, gender & org size. * Accessible from any device LEARN MORE & BUY IT * Landscape Analysis: Identify the size of a total addressable market by issue area or UN SDG: number of nonprofit organizations and foundations or tech companies focused on specific issues. * Target Partners, Alliances, or Clients: Top 1,000 private tech companies, venture capital firms, impact investors, private foundations, and nonprofit organizations focused on specific issues. CONTACT US TO START Since 2017, our parent company Giving Tech Labs, has created 7 successful ventures addressing complex social problems such as VidaNyx which, in 18 months, became the leading digital video evidence solution in the US serving the needs of organizations that protect child survivors of abuse. Our IKIGAI is to support social impact from ideation to global scale. We have created and scaled businesses from idea to millions of users multiple times and we want to help others do the same. * Branding and communications to reach your target audience within the one million nonprofits in the US. * Refinement of your product value proposition to better serve the needs of the US nonprofit and social sector. * Custom Landscape Analysis to inform your fundraising or capitalization strategy. * Custom Landscape Analysis to inform your sales and marketing strategy to reach the nonprofit market in the US, doing well by doing good. * Business modeling, unit economics, definition of measurable impact metrics. CONTACT US TO START SUBSCRIBE

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