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Find your place in a market with $2.9T in annual funding

The US Nonprofit sector reports an annual income of $2.9 trillion and invests over $45B in Information Technology. You can explore details with our Online Tool to visualize the flow of social funding.

If you are exploring the nonprofit sector as a new market opportunity, refining a social innovation program, or seeking to understand a particular area of impact, we can help with our data and advisory services.

We offer interactive tools and reports and can create Landscapes Analysis to inform your giving strategy, partnering opportunities, or go-to-market strategy to offer technology and services to nonprofits and schools. See this Human Services Landscape Analysis as an example.

You can also license our datasets to power your products and services, such as this directory from Ability Central.

Explore Our Data by Impact Area

Our Data and Advisory Services help you optimize your fundraising strategy, go-to-market plans, innovation strategies, and operational excellence. Use the tool below to explore our dataset per impact area(s).

Data Freshness

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Custom Data Services and Landscape Analysis

  • Identify the size of a total addressable market by issue areas, such as Homelessness, Housing, Youth Development, Equity in Education, Immigration, Child Advocacy, Economic Development, mental Health, and more.
  • Custom Lists of Organizations in your target market to power your sales & marketing outreach. We provide Organization Name, Address, NTEE Code, focus area, UN SDG classification, website, revenues, expenses, income sources, and other dimensions for each organization. See Data Dictionary: Expanded Dataset Tab.
  • See this Case Study from a grantmaking organization to learn more.
  • Starting at $3,000.

"We have spent a lot of time trying to find the right data to best inform our work supporting the local nonprofit sector. We are fortunate to have found X4Impact! Their Landscape Analysis provided actionable data insights in a streamlined, easily digestible format."

Ranjini Govender
Chief Partnerships Officer, Next Level Social Impact

X4Impact Service Desert Maps™

  • An X4Impact Service Desert Map™ is a powerful visualization of the opportunity gaps between populations in need of services and the number of nonprofits servicing specific locations or the flow of social funding towards those populations.
  • They bring data to life for community organizers, funders, and advocacy organizations to understand where underserved populations may need additional interventions accessible to them.
  • See a sample Service Desert Map™ for Disabilities related organizations in WA state.
  • Starting at $800.

"We are familiar with the concept of food deserts, with our exclusive Service Desert Maps we seek to facilitate cross sector collaboration to identify geographic areas where there is a gap between individuals in need and the nonprofit services available to them."

Luis Salazar
Co-Founder, X4Impact

License Our Data to Power Your Products or Services

  • Get access to our complete dataset with over 800M fields or a subset of the data relevant to your business needs.
  • Use our dataset to power your mobile apps, software as a service solutions, or other services.
  • Access fresh information about +1M nonprofit organizations, classified by focus area and by UN SDG.
  • We update our dataset every month, including refinements to our classification algorithms.
  • Starting at $1,500.

"Thanks to X4Impact, we now have a place to find solutions designed for and by people who are closest to the challenges, infrastructure data that exposes systemic resource deserts, strategies for sustainable development goals, and market trends about some of the most urgent issues being faced locally and globally."

George Zeno
Associate Vice President for Community Advancement, Pacific Lutheran University

Nonprofit and Tech for Good Compensation Tool

Create custom reports to inform your next board meeting, budget, or talent recruitment strategy.

  • 550,000+ salaries from 160,000 reporting organizations.
  • 145+ roles and 75+ categories or impact areas.
  • By state, gender & org size.
  • Fresh data each month.
  • Starting at $499.

"X4Impact research is extremely valuable. Coming from a public charity background, I am super impressed with what you have delivered"

Strategic Partnerships Associate
Private Foundation with $4B Endowment

Custom Research and Reports to support your Sales and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Create awareness of the problem you solve or help your clients to understand their sector better: We create data-driven research & insights, or landscape analysis, highlighting impact areas of your choice in an Interactive Report.
  • Support your Corporate Social Responsibility & Thought Leadership strategy with an always fresh report that we manage for you. Our data experts conduct primary research, aggregate trusted secondary sources, and create interactive charts, with millions of data points updated monthly.
  • Power your content-marketing strategy. Grab fresh and exclusive data-insights for sharing them in your Marketing Newsletters, Speaking Events and Social Media posts.
  • Starting at $10,000.

See it in action, check out Footprint, Inc Interactive Report on Responsible Consumption and Waste Management in the US

"X4Impact market intelligence and money flow visualization opened our eyes to a large market opportunity, inspiring us to launch a new set of offerings just to serve nonprofit organizations."

Jean Paoli
CEO, Docugami - AI Document Engineering

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