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Limited Broadband Access as a Barrier to Economic Mobility of Older Americans – 2021

Through applying natural language processing methods, we explore the lack of broadband access as a barrier for the economic mobility of older Americans.

CWI Labs, Vulcan, and Giving Tech Labs sponsored this research project to learn how to accelerate learning about the root causes of our complex social problems related to older Americans 65+ using Natural Language Processing –NLP techniques.

In particular, we focused on Broadband Access as a factor affecting the economic mobility of older Americans.

We extracted insights from 83 knowledge sources and 2 data sources in a fraction of time, thanks to the semi-automated methodology developed.

The Technical Research Paper detailing the AI and Machine Learning work is accepted to be published by the 7th International Conference on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science in the fall of 2021.

Five factors emerged, correlating the lack of broadband access and the economic mobility of older Americans. While the findings matched results published by different experts, one emerging and surprising factor is the lack of awareness among the 65+ population of the benefits of broadband access.

This work showcases how AI can help understand large datasets related to informing Public Policy.

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Released on Q3 2021

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