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* Based on processing over 400,000 tax returns from Foundations and Nonprofits in the US, including International Organizations. * More accurate and compliant than surveys. * Statistically relevant information by role, geography, and the size of the nonprofit organization. * We update our datasets every month to offer you the most representative sample of salaries and total compensation for the nonprofit sector. * Compare hundreds of Titles/Roles by State, Zip Code, Organization Size, Assets under management, UN Sustainable Development Goal Focus area, and by selected Issue Areas. Contact us to learn more about our exclusive access to the full report or to create a customized version in PDF to meet your organization’s needs. It is estimated that US-based nonprofits spend over $1 million per year and over 200,000 hours gathering compensation data-intelligence to ensure compliance in their people recruitment practices and on compensation plans. We plan to release the full report with over 180 different roles, organized by over 30 issue areas, from Immigration, or Homelessness, to Justice and Climate Action. It also includes information by each state and major metropolitan area and by gender. CONTACT US Notes: * Sources:Forms 990, 990PF filed with the Internal Revenue Service – IRS. * Classification Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals +214 indicators and the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system * Last Update: Feb 28th, 2021. INTERACTIVE TOOLS