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It is estimated that US-based nonprofits spend over $1 million per year and over 200,000 hours gathering compensation data-intelligence to ensure compliance in their people recruitment practices and to inform their human resources department decision-making and compensation management. In May of 2021, we will launch the full report with over 550,000 salaries organized under 130 different roles, including over 90 staff positions, and emerging roles such as data scientists, software developers, diversity officers, user experience, digital marketing, and more. The data is organized by the 17 UN SDGs, covering 49 issue areas, from Immigration, or Homelessness, to Justice and Climate Action, with information available by state, organization annual budget, and gender. Use our free report below. Contact us to get a 25% discount code for a fully interactive online report valued at $299 per year for up to 10 users. We’ve gathered and analyzed the data to provide the insights you need, saving time and money that can be put towards achieving your mission. In printed form, using this font size, our report would take over 10,000 pages; placed one after another they would cover the span of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! Contact us to secure 25% off your online interactive report CONTACT US * Statistically relevant information based on analyzing over one million tax returns from Foundations and Nonprofits in the US, including International Organizations. * More accurate than surveys to help you maintain compliance and align with best practices. * Statistically relevant information by role, gender, geography, and the size (annual budget) of the nonprofit organization. * Every month we gather, analyze, clean and organize over 70 million fields submitted to the IRS in over 1 million filings to provide the insights you need, saving time and money that can be put towards achieving your mission. * Understand trends in the nonprofit sector and how you compare to other organizations. * Access hundreds of job titles/roles by State, organization size, assets under management, UN SDG, and selected issue areas. * Easy to use online report. Equivalent to over 10,000 pages of data, you only get what you need. Search by Title, State, Organization Size, and Category to get just the data you need to inform your HR strategy. Contact us to learn more about our exclusive access to the full report or to create a customized version in PDF to meet your organization’s needs. CONTACT US Notes: * Sources:Forms 990, 990PF filed with the Internal Revenue Service – IRS. * Classification Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals +214 indicators and the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system * Last Update: April, 2021. INTERACTIVE REPORTS