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The X4Impact Nonprofit and Tech for Good Compensation Report includes over 500,000 salaries organized by 140+ different roles, including 90 staff positions, and emerging roles such as data scientists, software developers, diversity officers, user experience, digital marketing, and more.

Other non-interactive reports with less data, are sold at $900 per year or more. Thanks to our founding partners, we offer it for only $299/yr for unlimited users.

This report includes data from over 1 million IRS filings (forms 990) covering 48 issue areas, from Animal Welfare to Youth Development, with information available by state, organization annual budget, and gender.

1) Accurate and Compliant Compensation Reporting:

  • Statistically relevant information based on analyzing over one million tax returns from Foundations and Nonprofits in the US, including International Organizations.
  • More accurate than surveys to help you maintain compliance.
  • Relevant information by role, gender, geography, and the size of the organization.

2) Always up to date:

  • Every month we gather, analyze, clean and organize over 70 million fields submitted to the IRS in over 1 million filings.

3) Powerful on-demand benchmarking

  • Understand trends and how you compare to other organizations.
  • Easy to use online report. Equivalent to over 10,000 pages of data. Search by Title, State, Organization Size, and Category to get the data you need.
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