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GC Insights Service Desert Maps™ for Counties, Metro Areas, or States

A GC INsightss Service Desert Map™ is a powerful visualization of the opportunity gaps between populations in need of services and the number of nonprofits servicing specific locations or the flow of social funding towards those populations.

Service Desert Maps bring data to life for community organizers, funders, and advocacy organizations to understand where underserved populations may need additional interventions accessible to them.

Use this infographic to understand:

  1. How can your outreach strategy use data to understand nonprofit organizations in a specific region?
  2. What are the Service Deserts in a county, metro area, or state where organizations seem to be underfunded?
  3. Where are the opportunity zones when defining an impact plan?

The infographic includes:

  1. Introduction to the population in need of the services provided by nonprofit organizations in the selected impact area
  2. Visualization of the distribution of nonprofits providing services in the selected impact areas vs the distribution of funds and the population in need.
  3. Nonprofit organizations at a glance, including the number of organizations, total reported revenue and main focus areas.

Optional add-On:

Selected Target Nonprofits to Engage (up to 1,800 organizations)

Receive an excel file with up to 1,800 organizations ranked by employees, income, assets, IT budget or your chosen criteria. We provide name, address, NTEE code, website, revenues, expenses, income sources, focus area, UN SDG classification, and other dimensions for each organization.

See a sample The Service Desert Map™ for Low Income Households in Pierce County, WA - DOWNLOAD IT NOW

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  • These infographics are available starting at $800.

"We are familiar with the concept of food deserts, with our exclusive Service Desert Maps we seek to facilitate cross sector collaboration to identify geographic areas where there is a gap between individuals in need and the nonprofit services available to them."

Luis Salazar
Co-Founder, X4Impact

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