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Tech4PI Principles based on experience creating and commercializing Tech for Good

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The Principles of Technology for the Public Interest – Tech4PI

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Build long-lasting operational capacity with sustainability models in place

Measurable Impact at Systemic Level

Ethical Application of Technology

Data Driven, Centered on Empathy and Inclusion

Change through a Collective Impact

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Cloud technology powered by artificial intelligence has enhanced our lives in ways we never imagined possible. How can we leverage these technologies to maximize impact for millions of nonprofits and social organizations worldwide? Technology for the Public Interest – #Tech4PI, is a field dedicated to leveraging technology and proven sustainability models to support social sector organizations in delivering their mission. A 3-year journey, incubating 7 successful tech for good ventures at Giving Tech Labs, inspired the first draft of these principles. It is a checklist we followed to create successful incubations such as VidaNyx. When we did not follow one of these principles, we failed to deliver real sustainable, and impactful Tech4PI. With the input from our Advisory Council and other experts, as well as constant learning from the data captured over time, we will make these principles core guiding elements of Tech4PI built under the X4Impact exchange. Our goal is to inspire the creation of sustainable tech ventures that address our urgent needs in society. When an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Social Entrepreneur, or Tech innovators meets the full set of technology for the Public Interest Principles, they can display this certification badge on their website, which links to their listing in our platform as a Tech4PI Certified technology solution or service provider. In X4Impact you can identify the Solutions or Service Providers that are Certified by looking for this badge: SUBSCRIBE Tech4PI fights the well-intended superhero approach of the tech sector that deploys volunteers to create temporary solutions that are eventually abandoned. Building capacity means helping to teach people to fish instead of giving them fish as Technology does not solve problems; People do. There are over one million public charities in the US that generate over two trillion dollars in revenue every year. They are the equivalent to the 10th largest economy in the world by GDP. Yet the Tech sector serving them operates under a model of scarcity where technologies exist as a series of fragmented one-off solutions serving the needs of local non-profits, which often work individually, through RFPs, with consulting firms to create custom solutions rather than taking a systemic approach. By focusing on addressing issues at a systemic level, Tech4PI can better define sustainability models anchored on delivering value by saving costs or increasing capacity and achieving profitability through revenues, or attracting sponsors and donors that connect with the measured impact. Tech4PI focuses on a crisp definition of quantifiable impact on mission delivery, with clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that focus on results instead of activities. It embeds the measurement of those KPIs in the core technology built and in the fundamentals of the business model for the created ventures, tying the unit economics of the enterprise to the achievement of the goals related to selected KPIs. Most technology, even tech related to entertainment, helps to make the world a better place. Tech4PI aims to create technology and business models that deliver measurable, sustainable, long-lasting impact to improve people’s lives in a particular urgent segment such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals – UN SDG or related areas. We seek to transform the data into knowledge working under strict ethical and privacy principles to process the data collected by NPOs as they deliver on their mission. That knowledge can help to reduce operating costs, increase capacity, identify opportunity areas. It can also advance the speed at which researchers, academia, and experts learn by moving from research based on small samples to research with access to tens of thousands or even millions of data points. We have made tremendous progress by connecting through tech. Still, we are also distorting society values and mental health through social networks, becoming the channel for standards of beauty, success, or performance that are impossible to match. Tech4PI should always create empathy, make us feel that we belong. We want to build an ecosystem where technologists can connect to and support organizations that serve the public and general public interests. It includes nonprofit organizations, government, philanthropists, universities, and private sector companies operating under a crisp definition of impact defined as measurable improvement in human life and conditions.

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