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The US Nonprofit Landscape: Human Services Insights 2022

Over 313,000 nonprofit organizations in the US focus on Human Services. In a year, they generate $350 billion in revenue and invest over $4.2B in Information Technology.

How large is the Human Services Nonprofit Sector in the US? What are the key categories for innovators to deliver tech that helps these nonprofits to serve more individuals, manage more cases, and improve their operational capacity?

There isn’t a single definition of Human Services in the Nonprofit sector. For this report, we focus on the nonprofits that address individual needs by managing a case. This includes organizations from homeless shelters to community clinics.

Over 313,000 Human Services Organizations as defined in this report include:

  • More than 16,000 organizations helping 550,000+ individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • Over 12,000 nonprofit organizations supporting 12 million households that face food insecurity.
  • 31,000 organizations such as community clinics and centers addressing addiction recovery and substance abuse, mental health, crisis support, and related issues.

Download the full report and learn about:

  • Nonprofit information technology spending.
  • Nonprofit spending on professional fees, management consulting, fundraising and more.
  • The Human Services Nonprofit Sector in the US by geographic distribution, annual income level, number of employees and more.
  • Compensation trends for Technology and Data roles in US Nonprofits.
  • Landscape Opportunity for Case Management Systems, Digital Document Management and Automation, Impact Measurement, Fundraising Software, and more.

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Released on Q1 2022

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