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Nonprofit Landscape for Counties, Metro Areas, or States

Our Geographic Landscape Series focuses on analyzing over 1.8M active tax-exempt organizations in the US to provide insights for Philanthropists, Impact Investors, Consulting Firms, Academia, and Technology Providers.

These reports aim to inform funding, partnerships, go-to-market, and engagement strategies in a selected geographic area.

Use this report to understand:

  1. How can your outreach strategy use data to understand nonprofit organizations in a specific region?
  2. What are the Service Deserts in a county, metro area, or state where Human Services Organizations seem to be underfunded?
  3. Where are the opportunity zones when defining an impact plan?

The report includes:

  1. National and State Level Data (7 pages)

    We set the stage with an overview of the US nonprofit sector with $3.1 trillion in annual income. Then we look at a selected State and County.

    Throughout the report, we provide a specific focus on Human Services organizations as a proxy for local resources to serve local individual needs. The Human Services Sector is a growing $3B opportunity for technology providers and an opportunity for funders to inject $6B to take the average IT spending to 3% of their income.

    In all cases, we analyze the number of organizations by size, reported number of employees, engaged volunteers, and expenses in selected categories, including their IT spending.

  2. Addressable Market at a Glance Infographics (2 pages)

    This is a perfect summary for your executive decks, pitch decks, go-to-market plans, channel marketing material, and more.

    We include an infographic to help visualize the Human Services Sector in the context of the overall landscape where Religious organizations, Education, and Healthcare command most of the revenue at the national, state, and county levels.

    We also provide an analysis of the revenue growth from 2018 to 2020 by the size and age of the organization.

  3. County or Metro Area Details (8 pages)

    After providing an overview at the state level, we explore the nature of thousands of charitable organizations in the chosen counties. Nine of every ten organizations are small organizations with revenues of up to $1M per year and any impactful and equitable sector strategy must include them.

    We identify Service Deserts in the county related to organizations that directly serve populations in need. See an example of a Service Desert Map™ here.

  4. Selected Target Nonprofits to Engage (up to 1,800 organizations)

    1. An excel file with up to 1,800 organizations ranked by employees, income, assets, IT budget or your chosen criteria.
    2. We provide name, address, NTEE code, website, revenues, expenses, income sources, focus area, UN SDG classification, and other dimensions for each organization.

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"Thanks to you, we now have a place to find solutions designed for and by people who are closest to the challenges, infrastructure data that exposes systemic resource deserts, strategies for sustainable development goals, and market trends about some of the most urgent issues being faced locally and globally."

George Zeno
Associate Vice President for Community Advancement, Pacific Lutheran University

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