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The Service Desert Map™ for Individuals with Disabilities in WA

Service deserts are like food deserts, but show gaps for nonprofit service organizations.

An GC Insights Service Desert Map™ is a powerful visualization of the opportunity gaps between populations in need of services and the number of nonprofits servicing specific locations or the flow of social funding towards those populations.

They bring data to life for community organizers, funders, and advocacy organizations to understand where underserved populations may need additional interventions accessible to them.

The Service Desert Map™ for Individuals with Disabilities in WA State showcases the gaps, per county, between households with individuals that have one or more disability, and the availability of local nonprofit organizations that focus on serving the needs of these individuals and families.

Download this infographic to learn how many individuals with disabilities in WA live in counties where there are no local nonprofits serving them. Learn about the funding gaps, and spark dialog with potential partners to address related challenges.

Achieving many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals - UN SDGs by 2030 will require addressing the inequalities and challenges faced by people living with disabilities in education, employment, public spaces, and more.

Explore our free interactive reports on each of the UN SDGs to learn more.

Download Infographic

Download this free Infographic and use the insights as benchmarking to inform your strategy, board discussion, or advocacy and outreach.

Released on Q2 2022

"We are familiar with the concept of food deserts, with our exclusive Service Desert Maps we seek to facilitate cross sector collaboration to identify geographic areas where there is a gap between individuals in need and the nonprofit services available to them."

Luis Salazar
Co-Founder, X4Impact

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