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Our research technology processes billions of social impact data points to provide you with crucial insights, advice, and tools to deliver on your mission and build the social impact organizations of tomorrow. Learn more about us.

Get Social Impact Market Opportunity and Technology Insights, Analysis, and Tools

Research and Tools

Use our growing collection of original interactive tools and reports to discover key economic and social impact indicators for the US, inform your next board meeting, budget, or talent recruitment strategy, and learn more about the issues and opportunities facing nonprofits and social innovators in the US.

Our Data and Services

We leverage our data and proven go-to-market methodologies, to guide your next steps.

Let us create custom reports and analysis based on our proprietary dataset of over half a billion data points. Inform your sales or fundraising programs, launch a new product or program, create a targeted go-to-market plan or long-term strategy.

Options include .CSV files to upload into your CRM or data visualization software.

Tech for Good Solutions

Explore the largest active directory of Tech for Good Solutions in the US addressing mission-critical and infrastructure needs - from fundraising and cybersecurity, to mental health and climate change. View companies by impact area, organization type, leadership diversity, and more to find the right solution for your organization.

List your company in the Tech for Good Directory for discovery by potential clients, partners, and sources of capital.

X4Impact is a rich source of insights and a trusted advisor for more than 3,000 organizations

Learn how we can help you achieve your social impact and deliver on your mission


Social Innovators

We are the largest active directory of social, human services, nonprofit infrastructure, and environmental tech solutions (Tech for Good Solutions) in the US, with thousands of Tech for Nonprofit Solutions that address mission-critical and infrastructure needs.


Data points

We automated the process of gathering, normalizing, and organizing over 3.3M records and 800 million associated data points that we use to generate insights, power third party applications and our data services, and create Interactive Reports to create awareness of the issues and opportunities facing the nonprofit economy in the US.


Interactive Tools & Reports

Our growing collection of more than 40 Interactive tools and reports includes the most comprehensive and always up-to-date US Nonprofit Compensation Report & Budgeting Tool, and the most powerful Tax-exempt organization information finder, which includes NTEE codes from different sources as well as UN SDG and Issue Area classification.

Together, we present a complete picture of the problem, potential and existing solutions, available funding, and the human impact of addressing such problems

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