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By 2030 SDG 6, Clean Water and Sanitation aim to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all. This includes ensuring access to safe drinking water, improving water quality and water use efficiency, and protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystems. More than 1 million people in the U.S. lack consistent access to safe drinking water, a bathroom, and hot and cold running water, and more than 500,000 people experiencing homelessness face challenges with consistent access. In the U.S., the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulate the use, treatment, and monitoring of the water sources that provide tap water in our homes, schools, and communities. The United Nations has defined 8 Targets and 11 Indicators to track progress towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goal of Clean Water and Sanitation by 2030. The data below takes a look at key indicators in the U.S. related to Safe Drinking Water Act violations, access to sanitation facilities like toilets, and more through the lens of government and social sector data. Explore current water, sanitation, and hygiene challenges in the United States and support funding of solutions to help solve for good. On the map below you can view statistics nationally, by state, or by a collection of states. Visit the X4Impact library of trusted resources for information on wastewater treatment, safe drinking water, freshwater sources, water quality, and more. Learn about current Clean Water and Sanitation related challenges in the United States and support funding of solutions to help solve for good. Visit the X4Impact library of trusted resources for information on water, sanitation and hygiene, the Clean Water Act, wastewater treatment, running water, water quality, clean water, Safe Drinking Water Act violations, tap water, and more.  37 Tech Solutions EXPLORE  56 Active Challenges START U 1M Trustworthy Articles LEARN  $15M Open Grants APPLY Our goal is to spark innovation and create social impact through collaboration, partnership, community building, and the democratization of access to data. We aggregate data from academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, the private sector, investors, government, and nonprofits, and this interactive report is just one in a series of free interactive tools and reports exploring the data behind the SDGs in the US. Contact us to learn more about the opportunities to partner with us on these tools and more. Notes: * Health-based violations – Occur when the level of contaminant(s) in the water, or the type(s) of water treatment techniques being used do not comply with what’s allowed by law. ** Monitoring and reporting (MR) violations – Failure to conduct regular monitoring of drinking water quality, as required by SDWA, or to submit monitoring results in a timely fashion to the state environmental agency or EPA. *** Using the US Map as a filter: Due to the current limitations of our map, data does not include U.S. territories. For Washington D.C. please reference Maryland on the map Sources: * Health and Monitoring Water Violations: United States Environmental Protection Agency – EPA: 2011 to 2020. * Access to Clean Water, Sinks, Toilets: X4Impact analysis and classification of US Census Bureau 2020 data.Nonprofit-related data: X4Impact analysis of over one million forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service -IRS 2018-2021Private Investing data: X4Impact analysis of over 25,000 forms D filed with the Security and Exchange Commission -SEC 2019-2021Private and Government Grants: X4Impact 2021 INTERACTIVE REPORTS

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