United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5
UN Sustainable Development Goal #5
Gender Equality
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The Learning Network at Schools for Girls of Color provides a secure platform for school system leaders and educators to learn from experts across the country about trauma-informed approaches for girls of color and engage in peer-to-peer learning.

Syndio's PayEQ is powering pay equity analysis solutions with fast and dynamic software that enables effortless measurement and remediation planning to ensure lasting fair pay.

CHAYN is an open-source project that leverages technology to empower women against violence and oppression so they can live happier and healthier lives. Running solely on the passion of skilled volunteers, Chayn leverages technology to address the problems women face today. We are also a pro bono service to charities who work with vulnerable women.

MyUmbrella is a social networking platform with the mission to connect and empower the LGBTQ+ community. It was started to provide a space to celebrate and promote the various stories and journeys that exist in our community - a safe space to bond through lessons learned and resources to show that we’re not alone as we often feel. Hear queer voices and have your voice hear. We're in this together.

We Said Enough app creates a community of survivors, volunteers, and activists who can provide immediate social support to victims of sexual harassment, abuse, and bullying. The app provides needed restorative resources to begin the healing process.

Our vision is a world where sexual assault is rare and survivors are supported. Our mission is to create technology that combats sexual assault, supports survivors, and advances justice. Callisto Campus is designed to detect repeat perpetrators and empower victims to make the reporting decision that feels right for them. Callisto is a nonprofit that gives survivors a new way to take action.

Connecting families and child care providers in a seamless way, helping programs grow their business, and helping families stay in the workforce.

Our two-pronged approach offers skills-based workshops in all of our AWIP chapters globally, as well as a comprehensive Ambassadors program to introduce high-achieving PMs to executive mentors who can open the door to their next leadership opportunity. Since its founding, AWIP has experienced 2,000 percent growth, to a membership of more than 12,000.

We offer six months of free, full-time tech training with living stipends and laptops to Bay Area women and non-binary adults with low incomes, then place graduates into jobs with sponsor companies. Most of our participants are people of color, and we place 100% with hiring partners. All of our graduates still work in tech and most are still working with the companies we placed them with.

LunaYou is aimed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and social connections you need to increase your wellbeing which can lead to positive maternal health outcomes. Together with a wellbeing coach, you will learn what motivates you and learn to set realistic goals that puts you at the center of your pregnancy.

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