Peanut StartHER Microfunds

By Peanut
Private Company or Corporation
Peanut StartHER, a micro fund investing in women and underrepresented founders of all ages, life stages, ethnicities and sexual orientations.





StartHER challenges the biases in venture capital and provides access to the elusive ‘friends and family’ round. For many founders, raising money from friends and family isn’t an option because their existing networks don’t have resources to offer such funds. StartHER aims to give everyone a fair chance by re-shaping funding dynamics, providing access to professional networks and ultimately, becoming home to the new faces of entrepreneurship. If you’re an early stage, pre-seed business that strives to make a positive impact on society, healthcare or the environment, we want to hear from you. We intrinsically understand the pain points of trying to build a business while building a family. We see the invisible labour undertaken by women every day, we see the motherhood tax, and we see how that impacts women’s development into entrepreneurship.

Social Impact Focus

  • Among the goals of StartHER is to find “pre-seed” businesses striving for a positive impacts on society, healthcare or the environment


  • Unrestricted

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.