Bridging the Word Gap Research Network (BWG)

By Health Resources and Services Administration
Government Grant





This notice announces the opportunity to apply for funding for the Bridging the Word Gap Research Network (BWG). Previous research has found that on average, by age three, children from low-income families knew less than half of the amount of words compared to children from more economically advantaged families (i.e., 500 words versus 1100 words).1 This word gap negatively impacts early language learning, educational attainment, health care-seeking, and socioeconomic outcomes in later years. The purpose of this program is to establish and maintain a national, multi-site, collaborative Research Network to develop, test, and promote effective interventions for supporting the enrichment of the early home learning environments of children from underserved2 families for whom there are limited interventions or existing interventions are ineffective. BWG will: • Lead, promote, and coordinate national research activities to support the enrichment of early home learning environments experien...


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Thanks to the funder for their generosity.