Building the HIV Workforce and Strengthening Engagement in Communit...

By Health Resources and Services Administration
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Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs)1 play a critical role in the nation’s response to ending the HIV epidemic by educating and preparing the next generation of leaders, health care providers, researchers, educators, and public health professionals; conducting research that helps us improve the response to the HIV epidemic; and educating their faculty, staff and communities about HIV. This notice announces the opportunity to apply for the Building the HIV Workforce and Strengthening Engagement in Communities of Color (B-SEC) pilot program. Funding under this announcement will support a cooperative agreement for a 4-year award to a single organization to address the national shortage of minority-serving providers in the HIV workforce. The award recipient will integrate topics in HIV into health-related courses and the HRSA National HIV Curriculum (NHC) into the curricula of participating, accredited, health professions programs at undergraduate MSIs. Integrating topics in HIV into th...


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