NIDCD Low Risk Clinical Trials in Communication Disorders (R01 Clin...

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The NIDCD is committed to identifying effective interventions for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of communication disorders by supporting well-designed and well-executed clinical trials. This funding opportunity announcement (FOA) supports investigator initiated low risk clinical trials addressing the mission and research interests of NIDCD. Clinical trials must meet ALL the following criteria: meet the budget limits of this FOA, not require FDA oversight, are not intended to formally establish efficacy and have low risks to potentially cause physical or psychological harm. This FOA also supports low risk trials determined to be Basic Science Experimental Studies involving Humans (BESH). These studies fall within the NIH definition of a clinical trial and also meet the definition of basic research. It is advisable that only one clinical trial be proposed in each NIDCD Clinical Trials in Communication Disorders R01 application. High risk clinical trials not meeting all the c...


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