Practice-Based Suicide Prevention Research Centers (P50 Clinical Tr...

By National Institutes of Health
Government Grant





This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites applications for research centers to support integrated programs of high-impact, practice-based research with near-term potential to address NIMH suicide prevention priorities and help achieve the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention goals of reducing the rate of suicide in the US. The Centers are intended to support transdisciplinary teams of clinical and mental health services researchers, behavioral/social scientists, health information and communications technologists, health systems engineers, decision scientists, and mental health stakeholders (e.g., service users, family members, clinicians, payers) engaged in transdisciplinary programs of research that could not be achieved using standard research project grant mechanisms. Research Centers will support the rapid development, refinement, and testing of effective and scalable approaches for intervening at key intercepts in the chain of care: for identifying high-ri...


  • State governments
  • County governments
  • City or township governments
  • Special district governments
  • Independent school districts
  • Public and State controlled institutions of higher education
  • Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized)
  • Public housing authorities/Indian housing authorities
  • Native American tribal organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments)
  • Nonprofits having a 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
  • Nonprofits that do not have a 501 (c) (3) status with the IRS, other than institutions of higher education
  • Private institutions of higher education
  • For-profit organizations other than small businesses
  • Small businesses
  • Others

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