Technical Collaboration to Strengthen Bangkok Metropolitan Administ...

By Centers for Disease Control - CGH
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CDC is working through strong partnerships with governing bodies around the world to assure that implementation and evaluation of public health programs increases public health impact and that the knowledge gained can be accessed and applied in other settings. The BMA governs and manages public health services within Bangkok, Thailand and its surrounding urban areas. This NOFO will complement efforts by BMA and its national and international partners to prevent, monitor, assess, and mitigate public health threats in the Bangkok Metropolitan area. It will do this through (a) assessment of existing health behaviors, health care services and systems in Bangkok; (b) design, development, and implementation of standard procedures and practices for high-quality services by BMA health facilities and laboratories; and (c) capacity building and mentorship of BMA health care workers, laboratory staff, strategic information (SI) experts, and program managers to implement, monitor, and continuou...


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