CDMRP PRMRP Technology/Therapeutic Development Award

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Government Grant





The PRMRP Technology/Therapeutic Development Award is a product-driven award mechanism intended to provide support for the translation of promising preclinical findings into products for clinical applications, including prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, or quality of life, in at least one of the Congressionally directed FY21 PRMRP Topic Areas. Products in development should be responsive to the healthcare needs of military Service Members, Veterans, and/or beneficiaries.The product(s) to be developed may be a tangible item such as a pharmacologic agent (drugs or biologics) or device, or a knowledge-based product. (A “knowledge product” is a non-materiel product that addresses an identified need in a Topic Area, is based on current evidence and research, aims to transition into medical practice, training, tools, or to support materiel solutions [systems to develop, acquire, provide, and sustain medical solutions and capabilities], and educates or impacts behavior throughou...

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