Cellular and Biochemical Engineering

By National Science Foundation
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TheCellular and Biochemical Engineering(CBE)program is part of theEngineering Biology and Healthcluster, which also includes: 1) the Biophotonics program; 2) the Biosensing program; 3) the Disability and Rehabilitation Engineering program; and 4) the Engineering of Biomedical Systems program. TheCellular and Biochemical Engineering program supports fundamental engineering research that advances understanding of cellular andbiomolecular processes. CBE-funded research may lead to the development of enabling technology for advanced biomanufacturing in support of the therapeutic cell, biochemical, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Fundamental to many research projects in this area is the understanding of how biomolecules, subcellular systems, cells, and cell populations interact, and how those interactions lead to changes in structure, function, and behavior. A quantitative treatment of problems related to biological processes is considered vital to successful research pr...

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