Design and Deployment of Engineering With Nature® (EWN) Solutions f...

By Dept. of the Army -- Corps of Engineers
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Required Work Objectives: The following objectives are required for this CESU-funded project, which is to better understand the design and deployment of EWN solutions for western resilience. Year one (1) will establish the initial structure of the project and includes tasks that support the following objectives. If funded, year two (2) and year (3) would continue to expand major elements of the project and build a diverse portfolio of collaborative EWN projects and engagements. Objective 1: Development of decision-ready models that advance EWN and the deployment/use of natural infrastructure. This objective prioritizes and subsequently builds a suite of diverse, collaborative R&D projects that expands current research efforts within EWN portfolio. For example, projects pursued may be focused on advancing the development of models and decision analyses for assessing the costs and benefits associated with the deployment of natural infrastructure to balance water supplies and improve ...


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