DoD Epilepsy, Quality of Life Research Award

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Government Grant





The intent of the FY21 ERP QOL is to support research that better understands or improves the quality of life and care for individuals living with the symptoms of PTE, as related to the ERP’s mission (see Section II.A, Program Description). Individuals living with PTE include not only those with symptoms of PTE, but their families and/or care providers as well. The proposed work should innovatively challenge existing research paradigms or exhibit high levels of creativity within the contexts of the ERP’s mission and vision. This can include research in symptom reduction (e.g., cognitive, behavioral, function, mood), resiliency factors, increasing or maintaining independence, and support for families and care providers. The application should also demonstrate the study team’s experience in PTE research, as appropriate. Given the patient-centered intent of the FY21 ERP QOL, animal research is prohibited. The innovation and impact for the FY21 ERP QOL award are expected to benefit the ...

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