DoD Epilepsy, Research Partnership Award

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Government Grant





The intent of the FY21 ERP RPA is to create an avenue for collaborative research partnerships between/among investigators to address a research problem or question in a manner that would be unachievable through separate efforts. Applications must describe how the anticipated outcome(s) can be attributable to the results of the proposed research (short-term gains), as well as consider the long-term scientific gains from the proposed research project. The research impact for the FY21 ERP RPA is expected to benefit the military, Veteran, and civilian communities. Applications must be impact-based.FY21 ERP RPA Focus Areas: The Focus Areas below are specific to the FY21 ERP RPA. Applicants to the FY21 ERP RPA must select from the relevant Funding Level I or Funding Level II Focus Areas. Markers and Mechanisms (Funding Level I Only): Identifying markers or mechanisms via preclinical models that address PTE, which may include the following:○ Biomarkers (acute and chronic)○ Treatment○ Prev...

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