DoD Lupus, Idea Award

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Government Grant





The LRP Idea Award supports innovative, high-risk/high-reward research that could ultimately lead to a critical discovery or major advancement relevant to lupus. This award mechanism supports studies that have the potential to reveal entirely new avenues for investigation. The application must describe how the new idea will enhance the existing knowledge of lupus or develop a hypothesis(es) or an innovative and novel course of investigation. The Idea Award is not intended to support an incremental progression of an already established research project. Research completed through an Idea Award may generate sufficient preliminary data to enable the Principal Investigator (PI) to prepare an application for future research. Inclusion of preliminary data is not required.The following are important aspects of the Idea Award:• Innovation: Innovative research may introduce a new paradigm, look at existing problems from new perspectives, or exhibit other highly creative qualities. It is the ...

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