Centers for Chemical Innovation

By National Science Foundation
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The Centers for Chemical Innovation (CCI) Program supportsresearch centersfocused on major, long-term fundamental chemical researchchallenges.CCIs that addressthese challenges will produce transformative research, lead to innovation, and attract broad scientific and public interest. CCIs are agile structures that can respond rapidly to emerging opportunities through enhanced collaborations. CCIs integrate research, innovation, education, broadening participation, andinformal science communication. The CCI Program is a two-phase program. Both phases are described in this solicitation. Phase I CCIs receive significant resources to develop the science, management and broader impacts of a major research center before requesting Phase II funding. Satisfactory progress in Phase I is required for Phase II applications; Phase I proposals funded in FY 2022 will seek Phase II funding in FY 2025. The FY 2022 Phase I CCI competition is open to projects in all fields supported by the Division of...


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