Combustion and Fire Systems

By National Science Foundation
Government Grant




TheCombustion and Fire Systemsprogram is part of the Transport Phenomena cluster, which also includes 1) theFluid Dynamicsprogram; 2) theParticulate and Multiphase Processesprogram; and 3) theThermal Transport Processesprogram. The goal of theCombustion and Fire Systemsprogram is to advance energy conversion efficiency, improve energy security, enable cleaner environments, and enhance public safety. The program endeavors to createfundamental scientific knowledge that is needed for useful combustion applications and for mitigating the effects of fire.The program aims to identify and understand the controlling basic principles and to use that knowledge to create predictive capabilities for designing and optimizing practical combustion devices. Important outcomesfor this program include: broad-based tools — experimental, theoretical, andcomputational — that can be applied to a variety of problems in combustionand fire systems; science and technology for clean and efficient generation o...

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