Defense Medical Research and Development Program - En Route Care Award

By Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Government Grant





The intent of this award mechanism is to support development of highly innovative materiel and knowledge products to drive critical combat casualty care capabilities to the Warfighter in highly mobile, austere, and extreme environments where evacuation capabilities may be significantly delayed or unavailable.(Ref. 2, above) This Funding Opportunity aligns with the recently published Committee on En Route Combat Casualty Care (CoERCCC) top 10 research priorities including: medical documentation, clinical decision support, patient monitoring, transfer of care, transport physiology, maintenance of normothermia, transport timing, intelligent tasking, commanders’ decision support, and unmanned transport,(Ref. 14, above) and focuses on research to knowledge and materiel to improve the en route care and patient movement from point of injury to definitive care by ground, air, and sea.The solutions under this Funding Opportunity will not be limited to military use. Knowledge and materiel pro...

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.